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My wife Lisa Lynch-Frank and I are the owner's of Ermanno's Legendary Pizza in North Canton. I was a residential electrician in my past life.
  I have been playing  guitar and bass for over 18 years. I currently play bass on Sunday's at The First Assembly of God in Louisville Ohio but I previously played bass in a band was called Molly Stark (a Screamo Metal Band I guess).  I have gone to over 40 concerts and have seen hundreds of local acts over the past 15 years.  My musical interests range from Aretha Franklin to Mushroomhead to Outkast to Jack Johnson.  I love music.  However, I am very opinionated and judgemental about it. I am a Christian but I also have a deep  interest in metaphysics, quantum physics, Hinduism, Buhdahism, and Yoga.  These veiws often conflict with classical church doctine but contain many truths.    I have listened to 100's of audiobooks by Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill ect...  I have a three year old daughter named Laurisa.   I attended Kent State and The University of Akron. 
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