WATCH: Trevor Maley Teaches Motocross Safety, Demonstrates Jumps for Peers

The 9-year-old Greentown Intermediate student showed off his motocross skills for the kids at the North Canton YMCA Child Care Center summer camp Monday morning

student Trevor Maley got a chance to impress his peers Monday when he practiced some dirt bike jumps and taked about motocross safety — something he knows quite a bit about.

The 9-year-old spoke at Child Care Center's day camp that day with his father, John Maley, and said he has qualified for motocross nationals this past year. That means Trevor is one of the 40 best motocross riders in the country.

But a pro like Trevor wouldn't be where he is now without acknowleging all the safety aspects of the sport. He and his father shared several safety tips that have kept him out of the emergency room during his four years of riding.

"A lot of this is similar to hockey or football or major-impact sports," John Maley said. "We've got major padding here, plastic cups on the knee, really supportive boots, there's hip pads, chest protector for heart and ribs and this neck brace."

"There's really a lot of safety equipment."

The children that day also learned a little bit about the setup of the races. John Maley told them there are 40 gates (for 40 riders) that alert the riders when they can take off. Races last five to six laps and about 15 minutes. Riders race two times in their classes. So, Trevor ends up racing about four times a day.

"This is something that takes huge dedication seven days a week," John said. "Trevor has so much heart and desire to be here, even though it worries me sometimes to watch him race and progress. I can't stop him."


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