North Canton Sizzles with Temps in the 90s: How to Keep Your Cool

Stay safe in the heat with our tips

Today will be another hot day - we're looking at temps as high as the low 90s in North Canton and the rest of the region.

We've got advice from the ’s Division Chief of Emergency Medicine Jessica Goldstein Resnick on staying safe in the heat.

The very old and the very young are most at risk for heat-related illnesses, she said.

On hot days, many patients are treated for heat rash and dehydration, but many have chronic conditions like asthma, COPD or swelling that are intensified by the extreme heat.

For the very young: Kids are at risk because they like being outside and are not necessarily concerned with staying hydrated and cool, said Resnick.

“Water is the most efficient way to cool down someone’s body,” she said. Take the kids to the pool, or give them water guns or balloons for backyard fun.

Schedule outdoor playtime for mornings, when it’s coolest.

Take lots of water breaks. Resnick added that studies suggest kids will drink more fluids if it’s flavored – even if you just add a little juice to their water.

For the very old: Many elderly folks are on diuretics or anit-cholingerics — like Benadryl or sleep aids — which put them more at risk for heat-related illnesses. Also, elderly patients with dementia or who are handicapped may not realize that they are hot or dehydrated, said Resnick.

If you feel ill: Move to shade or air-conditioning and drink water. Resnick said that if you do not feel better after half an hour, seek medical attention. Watch for symptoms like dizziness, light-headedness or disorientation. 

Going to the pool, getting some ice cream or playing in the sprinklers? Share your summer photos with North Canton Patch!


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