CNN Politics Turns Attention to North Canton Rally, Hoover High Vikings

The city got some attention from national media Friday

Being interviewed by a CNN reporter isn't exactly something I envisioned putting on my check-list Friday morning.

But I'm glad I did.

I woke up that morning to find an email from Janet DiGiacomo of the CNN Politics page. She said she thought it was a pretty neat thing for North Canton Patch readers to have voiced their opinions on Mitt Romney coming to town the same night as our big rival game against Jackson High School (which we won!). She asked if she could interview me.

Uh, yes ...

So Janet whipped up a story in just a few hours and posted it to CNN's Political Ticker page, putting the spotlight on North Canton and Hoover High School (and me — yikes). 

"I think this puts some in a real pickle," I told Janet. Yes, I did slap my forehead after I got on the phone, knowing I was going to be quoted on CNN.com saying the word "pickle."

It was a fun experience that left me wondering if I make my interviewees sweat as much as I did during that phone conversation.

I certainly hope not.

You can see the rest of the story, "A gridiron battleground," on the CNN Political Ticker page.


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