WATCH: Hoover Students Retool Robot in Hopes of Victory at Cleveland Competition

The Hoover High Robotics Team, consisting of about 30 students, built a climbing, Frisbee-throwing robot that they'll compete with in Cleveland March 28

It can climb. 

It can toss a Frisbee.

And it might even win a competition.

The Hoover High Robotics Team — instructed by engineering design and digital electronics teacher Todd Alkire — took six weeks to build its climbing, Frisbee-throwing robot. The team hopes to win the 2013 F.I.R.S.T. Robotics Competition "Ultimate Ascent" with it next month.   

North Canton Patch stopped by the high school on Tuesday, the final day of the build season, and watched as the students worked out the robot's kinks.

Seniors Matt Masin and Brian Foust are in their second year working with robotics at Hoover and said this year has gone more smoothly than the last (which was the first year for robotics at Hoover High).

"Last year we focused too much on prototyping and we argued a lot, and we basically all stayed together, for the most part," Foust said. "So this year we had specific groups focused on different aspects of the robot. We all came together, thought of the general idea, then split off."

Masin said last year was a real learning experience for the students as they figured out what works and what doesn't work when it comes to building a robot.

The students said three schools' robots (chosen randomly) are on one team, and three robots from others schools are chosen for another team. The two teams square off at the competition. The robots are able to climb, throw Frisbees and block Frisbees during the competition.

The competition season for the team begins the weekend of March 28 at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center.

Check here for a competition schedule.


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