Unexpected Construction on West Maple Street Causes School Bus Delays

Officials from North Canton City School District expect the drop-off routes to run more smoothly today than they did Tuesday

North Canton City School officials had to do some quick thinking this week when they were faced with some unexpected construction along West Maple Street.

The road construction had caused some delays in bus routes for picking up and dropping off students Tuesday, said .

"We did deal with a number of parents and talked to some of them, and in essence, we kept the kids as safe as we could and looked to drop them off at the nearest point," Henne said. "It did add some time to the routes."

He said the city told the district Tuesday about 4 p.m. that the buses would be able to get through the construction areas today. Then, and officials sent out all-calls to parents informing them that buses would run on schedule for today.

And they made phone calls directly to parents this morning after learning about a closure on West Maple Street. They informed parents children would be dropped off at either end of the construction on West Maple.

With today's pick-up routes behind them, school officials say getting around the construction went much more smoothly than Tuesday.

"Those things happen," Henne said about the unexpected construction. "We're not going to blame the city. They've got an important job to do and they do a great job of it."


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