Readers Fired Up Over North Canton Schools Levy

Over the past week North Canton Patch readers shared their thoughts about the idea of a 2.4-mill permanent improvements levy for the school district.

The North Canton City School District recently announced that it will ask voters to support a 2.4-mill permanent improvement levy on May 7.

The continuous levy would generate about $1.44 million annually and cost the owner of a $100,000 home $73 per year, according to the Canton Repository.

North Canton Patch readers are responding with their thoughts about the levy on our site and our Facebook page. Many of them are not happy.

Ann Marie said: Live within your means just like we have to. Cut back on your bloated administration! Some of your own employees are complaining about how you waste the taxpayers money. I continually vote NO on all school levies and am forced to pay because most of NC citizens vote yes. I am sick of paying such high property taxes.

Cory King said: Sure would like some details on how funds will specifically be spent, but I'm sure the community will blindly pass it as they do for every single levy that shows up on the ballot.

jim said: This is a NO vote from this tapped out taxpayer particularly since this is a permanent levy. This levy is a want not a need issue. There is a high percentage of NC household s making do with what they have and the schools can learn to do the same.

Sandy Ott Trotter said: I think their are a lot iof people who feel deceived after the last levy (announcing realignment after it passed).

Not all of the comments about a levy have been negative, however.

Tamie Eynon said: My husband and I chose to live in North Canton because this is a community which has always supported its schools. I am curious to hear some of the ideas for this funding and how it can improve the education our children receive and the environment in which they are learning. I hope people will take the time to listen and learn before making up their minds about supporting this levy.

Holly Pierpont said: I attended the BOE meeting last night that outlined their needs. It is eye-opening. I'm sure the district will role that info out once ballot language is resolved.

Editor's note: While the comments may not be the full text, they were not edited and appear as they were written.

george January 26, 2013 at 10:13 AM
Was just reminded in a discussion, "that people blindly pass levys at the ballot box". Some were upset that after the last levy passed, the school system announced its "realignment".They felt that should have been laid out before the election. Will the system be forthcoming, this time? Please, everyone, consider what others have written about the contracts, the waste, the top-heavy administrators w/ bloated salaries going to people that have been hit hard economically the last 5-7 years. Ask the school for all the details. There are sources to gleen information ---everything is public.
jim January 26, 2013 at 01:18 PM
helen Point well taken about the school’s political master minds jockeying and positioning for maximum effect by not disclosing plans they have on the table. Their mission is to suck as much as the average apathetic voter will tolerate. There is as much spin in the pro tax education lobby as any in politics.
Diane January 27, 2013 at 01:49 AM
Keep in mind, the person who made that promise (not to make drastic changes after the last levy).... is GONE.
george February 01, 2013 at 08:08 PM
Jim, you are correct. @Diane, you said "Keep in mind, the person who made that promise (not to make drastic changes after the last levy).... is GONE". That matters not one bit. What matters is the dupicity by the school system -----that is why we taxpayers/voters are saying no more until there is accounting/ reform/honesty. Not with emotion as in teacher's use their own money for supplies, which by the way is non-sense, for the most part. What about the double-dipping in school districts, NC included? This town was not made by the school system but by business people like the Hoovers,who, gave back to the Community, as have many businesses since then. By homeowners, who, upkeep their property, by volunteers, who, work in the community, by an excellent police force/EMS. Yes, the system has a good reputation. Remember, the students in NC were/are from hardworking working class/ middle class/upper middle class parents, who, instill(ed) as much into their child as the system.
jim February 01, 2013 at 08:41 PM
helen You hit a good point. NC evolved as a working middle class (mentality) with some upper and not much on the other end. Now there is a movement in city hall and elsewise to emulate a Hudson, Beachwood, Fairlawn type communities that grew up much different than NC. So we have people that want to spend NC’s way into something it is not. They only make it unaffordable for the pack a lunch and go to work crowd to own a home so another house turns into a rental owned by a large landlord/rental company. From here it is one step to exactly opposite of what the spend, spend, spend crowd thinks it is creating.


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