North Canton School District Remains 'Excellent' But Pushes for Improvement

District officials have reason to celebrate after receiving the Ohio Department of Education's school district report card, but they recognize there's always room to improve

This year’s district report card marked the 11th year the North Canton City School District has been rated “Excellent.”

It met all 26 of the state indicators set by the Ohio Department of Education and moved its performance index up from 105.1 to 105.6 (a perfect score is 120). That’s a critical part of measuring progress with schools, as it “reflects the achievement of every student enrolled for the full academic year,” as the department describes it.

Superintendent Michael Gallina and Curriculum Director Peggy Savage talked with North Canton Patch Wednesday, when the numbers officially were released, and said the district has cause to celebrate, but it also needs to improve on some weaker points shown in the report card.

For instance, the district will put more emphasis on its special needs population this year, Savage said.

“We’re looking at ways the district embraces and delivers services to them,” she said.

The adequate yearly progress numbers (AYP) sent up a flag letting district officials know that group of students could use more attention, she said. (The Ohio Department of Education defines AYP as “A measure representing the federal mandate that holds schools accountable for the performance of subgroups, as well as all students.”)

Another area that will get more attention this year is elementary and middle school math, which school officials also identified as a weaker area. Gallina said the report card data is no cause for concern, but “they’re on that tipping point.”

“We’re going to actually take that on as a personal challenge,” Gallina said.

Gallina had highlighted some points of pride in a written statement to district staff and media: 

  • 73 percent of students who took the tests achieved accelerated or advanced scores when you count all tests taken at all grade levels tested
  • 99 percent graduation rate
  • 96.3 percent attendance rate

Below is a chart showing the changes in performance index and ratings for each individual school as well as the school district during the 2010-2011 and 2009-2010 school years.

2010-2011 RATING 2009-2010 RATING           2010-2011 PI 2009-2010 PI Clearmount Elementary Excellent with Distinction Excellent 103.8 103.4 Greentown Elementary Excellent with Distinction Excellent with Distinction 104 103.4 Orchard Hill Elementary Excellent Excellent 105.7 103.5 Northwood Elementary Excellent Excellent 103.9 103.3 North Canton Middle School Excellent Excellent 103.5 103 Hoover High School Excellent Excellent 110.2 109.8 North Canton City School District Excellent Excellent 105.6 105.1




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