Michael Gallina Accepts Position With AultCare Health Network

The North Canton City School District superintendent sent staff an email today announcing his retirement from the field of education

Michael Gallina, superintendent of North Canton City Schools, announced to his staff today that he'll leave the field of education and take a position with AultCare Health Network.

North Canton City Schools Board of Education members had agreed in October 2011 to . The contract would have been effective Aug. 1, 2012, though July 31, 2017.

Below is the email sent to staff.

Good morning to all!  I hope that each of you had a wonderful spring break and have been able to settle back into school routines for the final "quarter" of the year!  It is amazing to think that we have just over 40 days left in our school year! 

I am sending this e-mail with a large set of "mixed emotions".  An opportunity has presented itself over the past few days.  After MUCH deliberation at home (and without much sleep), I have decided to accept this new opportunity.  I have accepted an offer to become the new Director of Outreach and Organizational Development with the AultCare Health Network.  I will be retiring from education and moving into the private sector.  My final day of work here in North Canton will be June 30. I will begin my work with AultCare in August.

A special Board of Education Meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, April 5 at 7:30 AM in the District Office.The reason for this special meeting is to accept my resignation for the purpose of retirement AND to allow our Board to have as much time as possible to process the upcoming vacancy.  As you receive this e-mail, I will have notified our administrative team and central office personnel, as well as Todd Alkire and Tracie Heckaman. 

As I will share in the upcoming days, it has been a tremendous honor to have humbly served WITH all of you in our wonderful school district.  NC is a VERY special place and it is because of all of you, our students, our families, our administrative team and board, and our community in general that has allowed us to be considered one of the best districts in the area, state, and nation!  As I reflect upon all of this, I become very emotional, given my relationship with all of you.  I have been blessed beyond measure because of my friendships and relationships with all of you!  Simply put, you are the BEST!  

With care -- 


Check back with North Canton Patch for more information about Gallina's move.

KC April 02, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Mike, such bittersweet emotions. Happy for you, sad for us. Really wanted you to be 'at the helm' when our grandkids were there. You are leaving VERY BIG shoes to be filled. Your constant uplifting and positive spirit will be desperately missed. May God bless you and be with you and your new job!
Julia Boron April 04, 2012 at 02:16 AM
Mr. Gallina, You have made NCCS what it is today!!! You will be greatly missed!!! Whoever fills your shoes will have a job ahead of them that will take years to be who you are today. Congrats on your new position!
Mary April 07, 2012 at 11:43 PM
I'm wondering who Mr. Gallina knows at Aultcare that created this cream puff job just for him. Sorry, I graduated from NCHS in 1984 and over the years I've watched things change and mostly not for the better. I would offer to you that I'm sure Mr. E. Howard would beg to differ that North Canton Schools provided him with the tools to become a productive member of society. I feel that Mr. Gallina as the recognized leader of the district during that time he shares a lot of the blame for how he was permitted to slide through his academics & "concentrate" on football. Sorry I don't share in the sorrow to see him leave North Canton; I can only hope the next super is not willing to stoop to such behavior. Again in these days of high unemployment it must be wonderful to have such a job specifically created for you and only you.
jim April 08, 2012 at 11:29 AM
Happy Easter everyone! Mary makes some observations that have some incite and depth. NC has changed since she left NCHS and not all have been positive. Gallina was very good at PR and I suspect the Aultcare job uses that. I agree with Mary that I am not sorrowful to get a new person at super and that this trend of retiring with a full pension and returning the next day to take a full time job just trickles down to another young person leaving this area to find work in another state.
Ann Marie April 08, 2012 at 02:01 PM
These high paid administrators all run in the same circles. I bet Gallina had this planned awhile ago. He is leaving his job during the mess he created with the elementary schools and kindergarten. Gallina was nothing but a salesman for the schools and a good one too. He did an excellent job of brainwashing people to up their property taxes. I am one of those that are happy to see him go and I hope the new person that replaces him cares more about the children and less about how much money he can grab from the taxpayers. Happy Easter to everyone!


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