How Does the North Canton School District Rate with Others? Use This Tool to Find Out

You can learn how any Ohio school district performs by using this easy online search form

Every year the state of Ohio rates its 600-plus school districts by more than two dozen criteria, from graduation rates to how students perform on standardized tests in reading, math and other subject areas.

Ratings for the school year that just ended won't be out until August, but you can get a good idea how things stand by looking at data for 2010-2011.

The ratings are not without controversy, of course.

Some argue that they force a "teaching-to-the-test" approach that undermines real learning. And districts with already high-achieving students say it's tough for them to meet requirements that they demonstrate year-over-year improvements.

But faulty or no, the annual report card remains one of the few ways to make meaningful comparisons between the North Canton City School District (including and soon-to-be intermediate and elementary schools) and others in Ohio.

So when the 2011-12 report cards are issued in August, we'll offer the latest data in a similar format.


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