Donate Your Old Technology to North Canton Schools

New program repurposes smartphones, tablets, laptops and more for educational uses.

Wondering what to do with your old smartphone, tablet or laptop now that Santa brought a newer model? Donate those no-longer-needed items to North Canton City Schools to be repurposed for educational uses.

Eric Curts, the district's technology director, has launched a new program this year called "Smartphones for Smarter Kids" that needs donations of not just phones, but also tablets, laptops, desktops, LCD monitors and such.

Curts said smartphones and tablets have become very powerful in recent years and can now assist with many educational tasks. For example, he explained, they are great for research, note taking, student response systems, watching educational videos, running educational apps and much more.

"We would like to take used smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, wipe them clean, connect them to our wireless network, load educational apps, and make them available for teachers to use with their students," Curts said.

The devices will not be given directly to students, but will be made available on a "check-out" basis to teachers in all district school buildings. Those teachers can then allow students to use the devices in class as needed for learning activities.

Following is more information about the technology recycling program that Curts posted on the district's website:

What kinds of mobile devices does NCCS want?

To be best used for educational purposes, we are glad to accept donations of any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Examples would include any iPhone, iPad, Motorola Droid, Motorola Xoom, HTC EVO, Samsung Galaxy, LG Optimus, Sony Xperia, or any other of the many Android phones and tablets. Android and iOS smartphones and tablets have hundreds of thousands of useful educational apps available.

What should be donated with the device?

The power adapter used to charge the device should be included. No other accessories are required, but we will gladly accept other items related to the device, such as cases, screen covers, and such.

Will old data be removed from the donated devices?

Yes, we will do a factory reset to wipe all previous data and settings from the device so that it will be getting a fresh start. However, we encourage you to do the same for any device you donate if you wish.

Is the donation of a mobile device tax deductible?

Yes, you may claim the donation of a device to the school as a tax deduction. The school district does not set the value for the donation, but simply provides a letter indicating that the donation has been made and received.

If you wish to receive a letter from the district for the tax deduction for your donation, you must include your name, address, and phone number along with the donated device. The letter will be sent to you at a later time.

How should a device be donated?

Put the device and power adapter, along with other accessories you are including, in a box or envelope marked “District Tech Dept” on the outside.

Give the device to the district by:

  • Having your child give it to his/her teacher.
  • Dropping it off at the main office of your child’s school.
  • Dropping it off at the district office (below the Hoover High School library).
  • Dropping it off at the North Canton Public Library.

For more information about the program send Curts an email at tech@northcantonschools.org or call him at 330-497-5600, extension 377, during school hours.


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