WATCH: Resident Argues with Police During Tax-Day Protest

James Smith yells at officers after they attempt to remove him upon a Chase Bank security guard's request.

The largely quiet Tuesday in front of became heated during a dispute between a visitor and .

James Smith, a man said he didn't know, stopped by to show support in the display against "super-rich" corporations. A few minutes into his visit, police pulled up and asked him to leave because a call from Chase revealed a parking-lot argument with a security guard. Smith grew agitated, yelling at police and demonstratively denouncing the banking industry.

Buchanan lamented Smith's appearance. The organizer said he previously assured both Chase and the police that things would remain peaceful.

"This is not who we are," Buchanan said. "We don't want to yell at each other.

"Civil discourse is very important. We need to listen to each other."


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