VIDEO: Suarez Corp. Industries Announces Move to Hoover Building

Ben Suarez, owner and founder of Suarez Corp. Industries, announced today inside the Hoover building that his company will be the newest tenant, bringing 250 immediate jobs to the city

The Hoover District auditorium filled with North Canton officials and community stakeholders who all turned out today to hear the announcement that Suarez Corp. Industries will be the newest tenant in the Hoover District.

The company will bring more than 250 immediate jobs to the city (180 of those jobs will have relocated to North Canton), and owner and founder Ben Suarez said that number is likely to reach into the thousands after 18 months.

The city offered the company , which would give the company a credit of one-half of the city income tax paid by new employees. The city would pay no money until it collects the income tax.

Mayor David Held said the arrival of Suarez Corp. Industries to North Canton is huge for the city after the Hoover vacuum plant closed in 2008, causing North Canton to lose 2,400 jobs and 23 percent of its revenue.

The incoming company also manufactures vacuums and other household appliances, such as the EdenPURE heater.

City Council still must approve Suarez Corp. Industries' move into the Hoover District.


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