North Canton Residents Host 'Tax the 1 Percent' Protest on Tax Day

John Buchanan gathered friends to protest tax-payment disparity between corporations and citizens.

John Buchanan referred to managers as "gracious" Tuesday afternoon, but don't get used to him paying compliments to financial institutions.

Their acceptance of his storefront protest was the only reason Buchanan said as much. Otherwise, the North Canton resident used signs, anecdotes and more to voice displeasure with Chase and the rest of the "super-rich one percent."

He gathered a few of his friends for a in front of Chase's North Main Street location in hopes of galvanizing more taxpayers to speak out against corporations like Chase, which Buchanan says does not pay its fair share to Uncle Sam.

"It's an industry that says, 'Don't regulate me,'" Buchanan said of banks. "We bailed them out, out of our pockets. Regulations are a responsible way to do business. They should accept it, not fight it."

Buchanan said protesting was previously out of his character, and another participant, Marie Smith, said the same for herself. Still, they were inspired by similar, planned gatherings across the country and the tough economic decisions most people continue to make every day.

"People in our culture have seen enough," Buchanan said. "We're so leery of the government because it's not acting on our half. They're owned by special interests."

He carried with him several documents and charts displaying billions in lobbying contributions by companies like JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Verizon.

"They run Washington," Buchanan said.

Buchanan said a few people who signed up for the event didn't show up, but he didn't seem rattled by the small crowd. Smith said she was content with the occasional honk of the horn from motorists.

"It means that there are people out there who agree," she said. "(We wanted to) get attention to the problem.

"There are people who already know what's going on, and they agree, which is good, but maybe it'll motivate some people to take a look at it a little more."


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