City Council Swears in Stephanie Snow Werren as Ward 3 Rep

New councilwoman is development director, graduate of Leadership Stark County.

North Canton has a new council member representing Ward 3.

North Canton City Council voted at a special meeting Oct. 3) to appoint Stephanie Snow Werren as the next Ward 3 representative. Werren received five votes, one more than needed, for the spot.

Law Director Timothy Fox swore Werren in after the vote. Her term begins  immediately. She fills the Ward 3 seat left vacant by Fox when he resigned to become the city’s law director.

Jon Snyder, Ward 4 representative and council president, started the meeting by saying council advertised the position and held three executive sessions, including one on Oct. 1, to deliberate the eight candidates
interviewed for the positon. One applicant later withdrew his application.

Snyder also said council needed four votes to approve a candidate and if the candidate did not receive the needed votes, council would continue to deliberate.

Werren, 43, was born and raised in Canton. She graduated from McKinley High School in 1987, graduated from Miami University in 1991 and earned her MBA from Malone University in 1999. She worked in Chicago, IL, for four years and lived and worked in Hawaii for a year before getting married and returning to Stark County.

For the last seven years, Werren has been the development director for Leadership Stark County, a department of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce.

She lives in North Canton (see correction below). Her three children, who are triplets, are eighth graders at Oakwood School in Plain Local Schools.

"I applied for city council because I’ve always been a community activist including working with the YWCA, a number of home owner associations and other organizations,” Werren said.

“I graduated the Government Academy through Leadership Stark County six years ago and we’ve since had over 150 people participate and I’ve been able to see which city councils work and which ones don’t work. And, I think that experience is really unique and is one of the strengths I think I bring to this council position,” Werren said.  

She also said that through Leadership Stark County, she has been able to experience school systems and economic systems of all of the communities throughout the county.

“Stephanie brings youth and vitality to the council and I was impressed with her and with her interview," Snyder said. "I think she’ll be able to perpetuate the mission of this city and we’re tickled to have her."

“The other candidates brought a lot to the table and it was a difficult choice. It was nice to see solidarity among the council members. In all my years on council, this is the finest group I’ve worked with,” he said.

Editor's note: Check back with North Canton Patch Thursday for a Q&A with Stephanie Snow Werren. 

Also, North Canton Patch had also published originally that Werren lived in Plain Township. That is incorrect. Werren lives in a portion of the city of North that is served by Plain Local Schools.

Ann Marie October 04, 2012 at 12:50 AM
Shouldn't a member of North Canton City Council live in the City of North Canton?
jim October 04, 2012 at 01:29 AM
I agree with Ann Marie (no rhyme intended). If Werren lives in Plain Twp. could that not be a conflict of interest at times? Kind of sad they could not find some one from NC to fill the position.
Daniel J Peters October 04, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Anne Marie, Mrs Werren does live within the city of NC. The portion of the city in which she lives, is plain local school district. She has taken on leadership roles within our community and the greater NC area. I believe she brings a perspective that not only focuses on issues within our city limits, but how issues outside our city affect us also. It is my belief that communities need to move toward a more regionalized approach in governing, and the savings to taxpayers that come along with that, and Stephanie certainly has the skill set to help guide us through that process. I believe the residents of ward 3 will be served well with Stephanie on council, and encourage them to reach out to her.
Morgan Day (Editor) October 04, 2012 at 02:27 AM
Hi, all. Councilman Jeff Peters is absolutely correct. Stephanie Snow Werren lives in the city of North Canton, but the location in which she lives is Plain Local Schools. I apologize for the mixup tonight. As you can see it is corrected on the site. If you have any more questions, please let me know!
Mary Lou October 04, 2012 at 03:55 PM
Just where exactly does Stephanie live? If she is in the city limits of North Canton, her children should be attending NC schools.
Ken Palosi October 04, 2012 at 05:01 PM
There seems to be some confusion about the city of North Canton and the North Canton school district. Maps of the North Canton school district are availible at the district office which is located in the rear of Hoover High. If you pick one up you will notice that there are a couple of areas within the city where students attend Plain Local schools, which by the way are every bit as good as North Canton schools. Also on the school district maps are areas that many people might be surprised to know that there are a large number of people living outside of the city whose children attend city of North Canton schools.
jim October 04, 2012 at 10:07 PM
I am not surprised council voted 5-0 to seat this person. It represents the direction they want the city to go in. A daughter of a partner in a large law firm in the area, married to an attorney, lives in Monticello, worked for a large drug company and so on. This is her world. How will she relate to NC people like a modest fixed income retired person or a privet sector worker with no employer provided retirement or health care that after taxes will not put in their pocket what her lawyer dad billed for a couple hours of his time? Bet she will not be bashful about endorsing what ever tax issue gets brought up. Sure wish we had a mechanic living on McKinley Street or a secretary from 6th street on council.
jim October 06, 2012 at 12:54 AM
Elaine Sorry to push your button. You are obviously a fan of Mrs. Werren. Like SOME pathetic others that like to post here you attack some one who simply states their opinion: very intolerant. If you and Mrs. Werren conceder my tame comments a malicious smear than you should stay out of politics. I read what was reported on this person and made an observation that in the law and drug business they just pass on costs when their expenses rise. That is not so simple to do in government. Please reread my comment on getting some diversity on NC council. I never said someone from 6th st. should represent ward 3. Just get a variety of people representing all groups of people in city hall. Have a nice day.
Leah December 05, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Jim, That's a weird comment. It is presumptuous and unfair. I think Werren deserves a fair chance. Who cares if her dad was/is a lawyer. That kind of legal perspective that likely influenced her upbringing could be very useful to North Canton.


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