Richard Nixon Campaigns in North Canton: Photo of the Day

Campaigning doesn't look like this anymore, does it?

In light of Election Day, we're spotlighting a "throwback" campaign shot, courtesy of the North Canton Heritage Society.

Here, Richard Nixon and his wife Pat visit North Canton in the 1960 campaign. They're pictured speaking at the Square.

"Note the lack of security!" said Heritage Society Director Kathy Fernandez when she sent the photo in to us.

You won't see that anymore, will you?

george November 06, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Changes since 1960: 1) security: this was before 1963 assassination of JFK; 2) commonality of service: many politicians had served in military,especially WWII/Korea; 3) communication: the 24/7 interconnected world was decades away; 4) standards in dress: ( country had not succumbed to T-shirt/Blue Jean uniform) & decorum: ( good manners were more often shown, than not); 5) health crisis: 40% of Americans were not obese; 6) US media: in large part reported rather than tried to influence or even become part of the news, (since then, 87% have been open about being on the left). 7) Hollywood: many entertainers were active in WWII in various capacities from military service to selling bonds & were not openly hostile to opinions other than their own liberal views;


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