Marcia Kiesling: Collaboration, Compromise Will Keep North Canton Great

Current Council-at-Large Marcia Kiesling says working with the North Canton Area Chamber of Commerce, area schools and possibly townships will benefit the city

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Name: Marcia Kiesling

Age: 41

Occupation: RN at Aultman Hospital - 19 years

Education: Bachelor of science in nursing from Malone University 2000, Diploma RN from Aultman Hospital School of Nursing '92, McKinley High School '88, currently working on my Masters in Nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner - to graduate 8/2012

Political Affiliation: Republican

Office Sought: Council-at-Large 

Previous Political Office Sought or Held: North Canton Council-at-Large  7/01-12/05 and 12/07-present     

Candidate Statement: I have been a North Canton resident for 18 years, married to my husband Dave for 19 years and have three children: Riley (senior in high school), Ben (eighth grade) and Lesley (fifth grade).

I am very involved in the community, as a member of the CIC, softball booster club, PTA, NCMS PTA, Secretary of N Canton Republican Committee, Member of Votes for Women, Aultman's Women's Board, a trustee and Sunday school teacher at my church and former member of the Stark County Board of Health.    

We are currently working on the budget and negotiating with the , with hopes of coming together and working out the best solution for the city. Everyone wants great services: police, , but they also deserve a great park system, great roads and healthy water and sanitary services along with efficient storm sewers. Compromise is the best way to get it all done and we have been blessed with a great staff in the city who are willing to go the extra mile!     

The next two years will be just as tough as the last but by collaborating with the schools and the and potentially other townships around us, we can all get the job done and thrive in the best place to live, work and play.

Chuck Osborne August 27, 2011 at 03:05 AM
All North Canton candidates for office were asked to include in their ‘Candidate Statement’ their answer to the question, “How will the city deal with state budget cuts?” There was a reason this same question was posed to each candidate and it would be helpful if each candidate would provide a response to that question. I look forward to hearing your ideas.
Ken Palosi September 07, 2011 at 08:47 PM
In the 25 years of living in the city of North Canton Marcia Kiesling is the only council-at-large candidate to knock on my door and ask what issues I thought were important. That was on a cold and rainy day one October afternoon and I will always support her for her interest in how the citizens of North Canton feel about the issues that confront our city.


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