MAP: Main Street, Landsdowne Subdivision, Lynbrook Street Ready for Summer Construction

We rounded up all the major projects North Canton has planned for the summer; find out how to avoid those orange barrels

North Canton has a few construction projects up its sleeve for the summer (some already underway), and we want to make sure our readers are prepared.

We sat down with City Engineer Jim Benekos this week to take a closer look at those projects, when they begin and end and who they will affect.

Looks like the biggest project is the North Main Street Reconstruction, Phase 6, which means the addition of a center turn lane for people looking to get into places like and a little easier.

The construction will slow traffic down quite a bit as the road goes down one-lane traffic in each direction, though. ("It's a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement," Benekos reminds us.)

And the rest are smaller projects segregated to smaller portions of neighborhood streets and subdivisions.

So check out our Mapquest map we built to see what the city's summer construction plan looks like and see information below about the projects' total costs and tentative dates for start and completion.


North Main Street Reconstruction - Phase 6


Area: North Main Street, from Applegrove Street to Orion Street

Work starts: Mid-July

Work ends: November

Status: The project costs $3.8 million, with 80 percent covered by a federal grant and 20 percent by a state grant.

Details: Workers will widen lanes as well as create a center turn lane. Construction will take traffic down to one lane in each direction.


Lynbrook Sanitary Sewer Replacement


Area: Lynbrook Street and Pineview Avenue

Work starts: Late June

Work ends: September

Status: It's a $175,000 project using all city water funds.


Landsdowne Subdivision Water Line Replacement


Area: The Landsdowne Subdivison (Oakridge Street SW, Rose Lane Street SW, Deerfield Drive SW and Hillcrest Avenue SW)

Work starts: Underway now

Work ends: Late June

Status: It's a $525,000 water line replacement project, with all dollars coming from the local water fund.

Details: Glenwood Street SW is closed between Lindy Lane Avenue and Fair Oaks Avenue.


Rosewood Sanitary Sewer Replacement


Area: The entirety of Rosewood Circle SE (off of Westview Circle SE)

Work starts: Late June

Work ends: September

Status: The sanitary sewer replacement project will cost an estimated $300,000, which will come from the local sewer fund.


Donner Water Line Replacement


Area: Donner Avenue NW (between Florence Street NW and West Maple Street)

Work starts: Late June

Work ends: September

Status: The water line replacement project is an estimated $175,000 from the city water fund.


Mount Pleasant Water Line Phase 2


Area: Mount Pleasant Avenue (from Pleasantwood to Cleveland Avenue)

Work starts: Underway now

Work ends: Late June

Status: The water line replacement project costs $370,000, which will come from the local water fund.


Want to know what city streets are slated to be repaved this year? We've rounded up a list of those as well.


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