Made in America: EdenPURE Heaters to be Manufactured in North Canton Starting Sept. 6

Check out our photos, video and story about Thursday's tour of the EdenPURE manufacturing plant in the Hoover District

A couple comments from Ben Suarez at Thursday’s EdenPURE factory tour elicited a strong round of applause from his audience, which included North Canton City Council members, city administration, police and fire officials and others.

The conference and tour usher in the factory’s first day of production of the EdenPURE portable heaters. They've set up inside the Hoover District and plan to start Sept. 6.

“I’d like to announce officially the EdenPURE manufacturing has been moved from China to here in North Canton,” said Suarez, founder and CEO of Suarez Corp. Industries, which manufactures the EdenPURE products. Cheers rippled through the crowd outside the plant at 334 Orchard St.

“It’s all U.S.-made and all U.S.-produced.”

Suarez said it took about three years to plan the operation’s move out of China, and it settled in North Canton because of the good deal the company got on the building and . (Suarez talked with North Canton Patch about those reasons in .)

The move creates 300 immediate jobs in North Canton, another 200 in Ohio and about 50-100 jobs outside Ohio.

“Here, we’re producing real products — real wealth — which are products people want at a price they want to pay,” Suarez said. “And the EdenPURE heater sells well because it brings people a lot of benefits. It keeps (users) warm. It saves them a lot of money on energy bills. It can’t start a fire. It does not reduce humidity and oxygen. And it heats the objects in the room, from floor to ceiling.”

spoke Thursday about more jobs being created in North Canton and his thoughts on partnering with SCI.

“I think this somewhat represents what’s going on here in North Canton: When you have quality people endorsing a quality product, with a fantastic business and it’s bringing jobs to a community, I mean, we are very proud of that.”

Also announced Thursday: The EdenPURE Infrared Space Heaters are stocked in nearly 800 Sears stores nationwide, including the nearby Belden Village store, and through Sears.com


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