LOOK: Your City Officials Attack Graffiti at Fred Astaire Dance Studio

Which graffiti remover works best? North Canton City Council members and the city's superintendent of permits and inspection were determined to find that out this weekend.

North Canton City Council members have been mulling over how to deal with graffiti in the city this year as the unsightly artwork continues to pop up on Dumpsters, park buildings and businesses.

They've recently discussed an ordinance that would slap the wrists of business owners who dawdle on cleaning graffiti from their buildings. The proposed ordinance, , would require business owners to remove the graffiti within a certain time frame or else face punishment from the city ().

Council members had also talked about which graffiti removers might work best and whether the city should buy the removers and sell them to business owners at cost.

And on Saturday morning, to figure out which removers came out on top, they met up at , where they put several graffiti removers to the test. Council members Mark Cerreta, Doug Foltz and Tim Fox joined Eric Bowles, the city's superintendent of permits and inspection, to scrub the letters "PA" off of the building's north wall.

Bowles said he requested a graffiti removal sample pack (the World's Best Graffiti Removal System) from Urban Restoration Group US Inc.

What worked best on the brick wall of the dance studio Saturday was the "bare brick stone and masonry" graffiti remover. The kit had also come with removers geared toward cleaning different types of surfaces.

Cerreta said graffiti removal could be a part of his volunteer initiative, the Neighbors Helping Neighbors program, in which those who are looking for volunteer opportunities are connected with people within the city who need assistance.


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