LOOK: Proposed Graffiti Ordinance in its Entirety

North Canton City Council members expect to have their first reading next week on the ordinance that would punish business owners who leave graffiti on their businesses for longer than 10 days

North Canton officials nailed down details in their proposed graffiti ordinance and expect to have a first reading at their next North Canton City Council meeting Monday.

The proposed ordinance would give business owners 10 days to clean graffiti from their buildings before facing a civil penalty.

"It does kind of hold them to a tighter timeline in the general sense ... but not such a short time limit that it would punish people who really are victims here," Councilman-at-large Dan Griffith said at Tuesday night's North Canton City Council meeting.

Griffith and others on the Ordinance, Rules & Claims Committee worked with to craft the proposed legislation.

Here are some highlights from the proposed ordinance:

  • The ordinance not only defines graffiti but declares it a nuisance and states the property owner has a duty to keep his property clear of graffiti.
  • Any person applying graffiti on public or private property is responsible for the removal of the graffiti within 24 hours after notice from the city or property owner, according to the ordinance.
  • It's in violation of the ordinance for a property owner to leave graffiti on his building for longer than 10 days.
  • Exceptions to property owner responsibility include the property owner not being able to pay for the graffiti removal. Another exception is if the owner has an active program for the removal of graffiti and has scheduled the removal as part of that program.
  • The city may provide property owners with the chemicals needed to remove graffiti at the city's cost. (Three council members and Eric Bowles, superintendent of permits and inspection, at .)
  • If someone is in violation of Section 2 or Section 4 of the ordinance (applying graffiti, removal by the perpetrator, or a property owner's tardiness in the removal of graffiti), he will face a $500 fine. The punishment for a property owner is a civil penalty, according to the ordinance.

You can find the ordinance in its entirety in the media section of this update.

Editor's note: A PDF version of the proposed ordinance wasn't immediately available, so if the print is too small try zooming in on your screen.

Ken Palosi September 05, 2012 at 03:04 PM
I have some concern with this ordinance as proposed. First of all, ten days does seem to be a short amount of time, especially if the owner of the property is not a North Canton resident. On the other hand from what I have read time is of the essence in being able to satisfactorly being able to remove the graffiti. The longer the graffiti is allowed to remain, the harder it is to remove. I have a serious concern about the five hundred dollar fine. To me this seems excessive and amounts to punishment for a victim of a crime. While all want North Canton to look nice, punishing property owners unduly will only serve to further discourage a populace that already has serious concerns about the sensitivity of our elected offiicials to the problems which confront our community.
Morgan Day (Editor) September 05, 2012 at 03:08 PM
Thanks for the input, Ken. The one thing I forgot to mention is council members are extremely interested in hearing thoughts like this. They encourage any resident to speak up about their likes/dislikes when it comes to the proposed ordinance.
Ken Palosi September 05, 2012 at 03:16 PM
More of our council members need to read The Patch. I know that Daniel Peters is one who keeps updated on the concerns of the residents of North Canton by reading The Patch. Kudos to Daniel and let's get the other members of council, the mayor and his staff on board. I would especially like to see certain members of the administration who interact with the public take a greater interest in the feelings and concerns of the community. The Patch is a great resouce folks. Take advantage of it!


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