Fire, EMS Levies to Appear on March Ballot

City Council approved the levies Monday night.

When the original levies were first put on the books in the 1980s, tax payers were paying roughly $18 per year for the services, said City Council President Jon Snyder. But under the present system, and with the amount the levies are devaluated each year, they're paying around $3 to $4. 

In order to stay financially balanced in the year's to come, city council voted Monday night to put replacement levies for both departments on the March ballot. If passed, they will cost tax payers an additional $18 per year, Snyder said. 

"The EMS levy is 1-mill but right now it's yielding less than half-a-mill," Snyder said. "The fire levy was a half-mill and it's yielding less than .3 percent. In preparing the 2012 budget for fire and EMS, I noticed we were short about $225,000 to operate those departments."

If the levies don't pass, money will be taken from the general fund to make up the deficit, Snyder said. Combined, the levies will generate roughly $386,000. 

"The service we provide is high quality," Snyder said. "The levies will give us a little over $200,000 of new money which will bring us into balance without having to subsidize from the general fund, which is a good thing."

jim December 14, 2011 at 12:12 PM
Simple solution. Contract out EMS services and the cost of that function would be cut in half overnight without any noticeable difference in service.We have some NC leaders so zombie like dedicated to the current system of EMS calls (costing close to twice as much as the private sector) you have to wonder if there is something these guys are getting to get such blind devotion to this position. It’s fascinating that we have some business people in city government that would NEVER make decisions in their business life that they do at city hall. NC is out of control in raising taxes on home owners. For the size of NC the tax money collected is MORE that enough to run this local government.What will it take to wake up the average NC home owner?


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