City Says It Will Change New Timed Traffic Signals to Trip-Signals in the Spring

Right now, the North Main Street traffic signals are timed, causing some driving frustrations

If you've a little peeved about the timed traffic signals along North Main Street, just remember: they won't be that way for long.

One North Canton resident blogged about the inconvenience of the new timed signals this week — specifically the signal at North Main Street and Wilbur Drive — saying, "I travel that area frequently and I never could understand the need for this signal originally, and it has now been compounded by placing it on timed activation."

City Administrator Mike Grimes said the timed activation will change to a tripped-activation in the spring.

The city had turned the four-lane road into five lanes through the North Main Street Reconstruction Project, and workers didn't get around to changing the traffic signals before the weather took a turn for the worst.

"The whole project is not finished yet, so they kind of buttoned it up for the winter because there are just some things they can't do in the winter," Grimes said. "Once the warm weather comes back, we'll get back to completing that project."

In addition to the traffic lights, workers also will install new light poles and masts as well as traffic surveillance cameras (not red light cameras) so the traffic signal knows when to change.

Grimes said the city also will work on its Main Street Traffic Signal Coordination Project in the spring. That project was discussed at North Canton City Council in March 2012.

"It's going to take a look and rewire a bunch of the signals from South Main city limits to north city limits," Grimes said. "It will sync those lights to improve flow."

North Canton Patch readers commented on the recent traffic blog post, and a few said they don't care for the "no turn on red" signs at several intersections throughout the city.

Those, Grimes said, have much to do with safety and are placed throughout the city at the discretion of those the police department and those in charge of traffic projects.

Denise Lee January 16, 2013 at 05:07 PM
So, if I understand this correctly, all of the side streets leading to Main Street will be on tripped activation--which sounds good until you think it through and realize again that the NEEDLESS "no turn on red" signs will trip things up (nice pun). Everytime someone wants to turn right off a side street and onto Main St, the lights on Main will turn red causing more traffic bottlenecks. The real solution is to allow turns on red, therefore only requiring the tripped activation to occur for turning left or heading straight through an intersection, and NOT be activated for right turns. .


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