City Council Quick Takes: Disaster Relief Fund Committee to Form

Councilman Mark Cerreta said at Monday's council meeting that the committee should consist of three members who will decide how funds are distributed

Here's a recap of what North Canton City Council members discussed at Monday night's meeting:

  • Councilman Mark Cerreta said the Committee will begin to form after taking nominations for members. The group will be made up of three voting members who will decide how funds are distributed and when.
  • Councilman Dan Griffith said a moral claim filed by Hillary Mueller, a resident who was affected by flooding from the Fairways Golf Course, has been withdrawn and the city needs to take no further action.
  • Council members discussed whether they would want to eventually lower North Canton Civic Center rental fees for non-profit organizations after mulling over one group's recent request. They decided not to lower the fee for that group or others, saying the city is not in a position reduce or waive fees right now. They also discussed having someone operate the building and ensure that it's put to good use.
jim February 09, 2012 at 11:49 AM
NC can be frugal one place (not lower the fee for a nonprofit group to use a city facility) and then blow $ some where else………….. On the taking nominations for the relief committee and giving the blessing to who knows who, let the jockeying and maneuvering begin.


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