City Will Pick Up Tabs for Cremation, Burial

State law requires that if a person dies in their municipality, the city must pay expenses if no relatives are found.

North Canton City Council voted Tuesday night to approve paying for the burial of a recently deceased resident.

Council President Jon Snyder said Tuesday that a man was found dead in a trailer park several weeks ago and the city is responsible for his proper burial.

Snyder said the coroner's office notified the city last week that the law required the city to take care of and pay for the arrangements.

According to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC 9.15), if a resident of a township or municipality dies in the location they reside, if no next of kin or relation is found to take care of the body, the city is required to do so and pay the expenses.

North Canton's legislation says the city is responsible for up to $5,000, however, most expenses will be around $1,000, Snyder said. This particular burial will cost the city $700 for direct cremation.

There is a possibility the city could gain back some of its money in the process.

Snyder said they could file a claim for the deceased's estate to the county probate court to get some compensation.

"In a way it's kind of sad and we want to be respectful to them," Snyder said.

While he is saddened by the situation, Snyder said he was happy that there could be resolution in this particular situation.

"I'm glad we're going to give him the respect he deserves."


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