Cerreta Gives Update on Master Plan, Including Bike-Friendly Signage, Entryway Markers

Councilman-at-large Mark Cerreta filled in North Canton City Council members about updates to the Master Plan — a road map to future improvements within the city — at Tuesday night's council meeting

Councilman-at-large Mark Cerreta shared some new information about the North Canton Master Plan with council Tuesday night but said he'll give a presentation with more details soon.

Tuesday night's update from Cerreta included information about:

  • Entryway signs, which he said could be less expensive than he originally thought (he pegged them at $5,000 a piece ). 
  • Directional signs, which would look similar to the entryway signs. Cerreta said he hopes council will agree to partially fund those. "That's something I think people would be happy to spend tax money on to show where things are in this community."
  • The amphitheater at Bitzer Park — a project . Cerreta said the plan is to put together a committee that includes people from several organizations throughout the city to formulate terms of use for the amphitheater. 
  • A developmental design review board that would help other people work similar buildings materials (i.e. brick or stone) into their structures. Cerreta said he expects more discussion on this in the future.
  • Radar speed signs, which he said have worked well in other communities.
  • Bike sharrows, which is an image of a bike with two arrows over it painted on the roadway to indicate to motorists that they are likely to be sharing the road with bicyclists.


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