VIDEO: Chief Dispatcher Pat Yagielski Retires From North Canton Police Department

Pat Yagielski started working for the city as a crossing guard in 1978 before becoming a part-time dispatcher in 1985. She retired Friday after serving nearly 17 years as chief dispatcher

Pat Yagielski, chief dispatcher at the said goodbye after 33 years working for the city. She started off as a crossing guard, then joined the police department as a part-time dispatcher in 1985.

Yagielski thanked many people at her retirement part inside North Canton City Hall Friday, her last day.

She also talked about some of her responsibilities as chief dispatcher and some of the challenges she faced on the job.

"It was also very difficult at times to take your suicide calls and the death of someone in a family and knowing you could only empathize and not stay on the [phone] too long and sympathize, but just to let them know you truly cared," she said.

"You constantly had to show your compassion, caring and concern for them and yet get the call out as quickly as you could."

Acting Police Chief Michael Wurgler said the decision as to whether the chief dispatcher position will be filled will rest with the new police chief. 

Meanwhile, .


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