Two Coyote Attacks on Dogs Reported Wednesday

A coyote sighting was first reported in March at Dogwood Park. Now people are saying the coyotes are being spotted in Price Park.

According to the Plain Township, Ohio Community Facebook page, two pet owners reported Wednesday they lost dogs to coyote attacks. 

In March, North Canton Police urged residents to speak up if "wolf-like animals" were spotted in the area after a resident in the 200 block of 7th Street NE reported what he believed to be a wolf-like animal trying to get into a fenced-in ball park at Dogwood Park.

Here's the entire Facebook post from the Plain Township page:

"Friends, we received an e-mail today from our Vet Clinic in North Canton that two customers lost their dogs to coyote attacks over the last few days. There also was a report of a coyote being spotted in Price Park. Take caution when letting your pets out!"

As originally reported by North Canton Patch, Police Chief Stephan Wilder said in a press release:

I do want to emphasize that should anyone see a coyote or like sized animal, that appears to be acting aggressively or menacing toward people or animals, to please call the police department and we will respond to your call for assistance. Our concern is your concern for safety. Just be careful. It's wildlife that is re-entering our county.

Due to these and past reports of coyote sightings in Stark County, this media release is to serve as a public safety reminder for all who live, work or visit the City of North Canton and to be aware of their surroundings for safety’s sake. Safety is a responsibility we all need to share.

Residents are encouraged to report sightings as soon as possible to their local law enforcement agency or for those living within the city to the North Canton Police Department at 330-499-5911.

Are you worried about coyote activity in the area? Are you taking extra precautious with your pets?

Bill Jones April 02, 2013 at 01:15 AM
Steve, watch out, you might get what you ask for. You'd probably co-exist well with what's her name; but coyotes or wolves makes no difference to me. There'll be no dancing in my back yard.
Steve April 02, 2013 at 01:48 AM
Sleep it off bro!
Why Dothat April 02, 2013 at 12:21 PM
Bill, You obviously love animals. I urge you to read up on coyotes. They are highly intelligent animals that are closely related to the pets you lost. ---Coyotes don't live in the density you describe. A coyote bonded pair or small family of 3-4 coyotes will defend a 10-square mile territory from incoming, transient coyotes. Only the bonded pair, the alpha male and female will breed, and only once a year. Both parents help raise the litter. ---If there are 3 coyotes, one is usually a female from the previous year's litter, that has stayed behind to help raise the next litter. This adult female does not breed. ---The average coyote litter is 6-8 pups. If it's a good year, 2 pups survive...they would simply carry on the species. The average life span of a coyote in the wild is only 5-10 years. ---However, if people randomly kill the alpha male or female, the remaining coyote and its tiny family cannot fend off incoming, transient coyotes. More will pour into the territory (your neighborhood?) and mate with the young females. You will end up with far more coyotes and pups, than if you let nature take its course and just left the coyotes in the woods alone. ---Hazing is working nationwide. For instance, ranchers in Marin County, CA no longer use USDA's expensive Wildlife Services to kill coyotes. The ranchers have adopted good practices and are using hazing, so that coyotes avoid farms where they are met with lights, loud noises, guard dogs and secure fences.
Bill Jones April 02, 2013 at 08:35 PM
Steve, Thank you for that. That's without question the best advice put forth in this whole discussion. I'm on it ! ZZZZZZZZZZZZ ! Over and out.
Bill Jones April 02, 2013 at 08:37 PM
Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Wake up!


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