Police, Fire and School Officials Examine Lockdown Procedures After Chardon Shootings

We heard from North Canton City Schools Superintendent Michael Gallina about the lockdown procedures that would take effect in a situation similar to that at Chardon High School

North Canton City School officials have looked at their lockdown procedures and determined they’re up to date in light of the .

That morning, a student had opened fire in the lunchroom, leaving students Russell King Jr., Demetrius Hewlin and Daniel Parmertor dead.

Superintendent Michael Gallina, along with his administrative team, met with Chief Stephan Wilder and Chief John Bacon last week to review the district’s lockdown plan that would go into effect in an event similar to the Chardon shootings.

“Everyone’s in a good place as to who should do what and at what time and how we should proceed as (police and fire officials) get on site and take over the center,” Gallina said.

He said officials would establish a media location and law enforcement would take jurisdiction upon arrival. The school would be under lockdown and staff and students would then be directed by law enforcement and fire for their next steps. Fire officials would ensure the building’s points of entry and exit are safe.

“The quick thought for police is that they eliminate the threat,” Gallina said. “Their job coming in is to get to the area where the threat occurred and eliminate the threat and get it removed from the building.”

“Our part is to make sure our lockdown procedures are followed well and we follow all directives given to us by law enforcement.”

Gallina said the district will continue lockdown drills and continue to be mindful of security around the buildings.

He advised parents monitor their children’s social media. (Suspect T.J. Lane, a sophomore at Lake Academy, posted information on social media sites that would have been viewed as "red flags" to any adult, according to a psychologist quoted in the Huffington Post. That included an "eerie" and violent poem he posted on Facebook in December.)

Lane has been charged with three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of attempted murder and one count  of felonious assault on a student who was nicked in the ear, according to the New York Times.

Gallina also suggested students listen to one another and report anything suspicious or concerning to school officials.


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