Mom, Child Struck by Car While Riding Bike Near Knoll, South Main Streets

Police are investigating a crash involving a car, bicyclist and her child at South Main and Knoll streets Tuesday

are working to determine who was at fault in a crash involving a car, bicyclist and the bicyclist's child that occurred Tuesday morning.

Police say the bicyclist and her child were taken to Aultman Hospital as a precaution.

They were riding near South Main and Knoll streets about 10:50 a.m. when struck by a car. The child was inside a pull-behind cart attached to the woman's bicycle.

Police Sgt. Frank Kemp said the investigation could take a day or two to wrap up.

"Basically (the officers) made contact with them there, but our primary concern is the heath and welfare of the individuals on the bicycle," he said. "And once everything is finished at the hospital, if the officer is still on duty, he may be able to make contact with them today. But most likely they'll have to wait until tomorrow.”


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