Man Faces Escape Charges After Slipping Out of Police Cruiser Window

Police say Nickoles Wiley Holly Jr., 21, of Alliance, slipped out of the back seat of a North Canton police cruiser Friday, ran away and hid in a Canton home before being arrested

say an Alliance man — a particularly thin one, at that — reached through an open police cruiser window, opened the door from the outside and ran and hid in a Canton apartment Friday afternoon.

Nickoles Wiley Holly Jr., 21, of Alliance, was and was arraigned in Canton Municipal Court Monday on charges of escape, obstructing official business, possession of drug paraphernalia and open container. All are misdemeanor charges.

Holly also was wanted by Alliance police for a petty theft charge.

Stark County Jail officials say Holly made bond on Saturday. His bond was set at $1,000.

So, how does someone actually get out of the back of a police cruiser? Police Chief Stephan Wilder said the circumstances lined up just right for Holly Friday.

"The window was left six to seven inches down because of the heat," Wilder said. "The person was very thin and was able to reach through and open the door of the car and escaped that way and ran from the vehicle."

Wilder said the patrolman who pulled over Holly for an equipment violation was searching the car for drugs while Holly sat in the back seat of the cruiser with no handcuffs on. It's not an uncommon practice to leave a suspect in the back of the car with no handcuffs, he said. Police cruiser doors also cannot be opened from the inside, he added.

"As the officer searched the vehicle, he looked up and saw the young man running on Salway (Avenue) through the yards toward Orchard Dale Drive NE," he said. "Residents saw this young man running, and while our officers were searching the area, we made contact with the Canton Police Department and got their K-9 to help in the search."

"The young man was seen scaling a couple rear decks in the back of some of the apartment complexes down there. As the officer went into the apartment area ... he saw where there was a door forced open."

The first apartment Holly went into was a stranger's, Wilder said. One of Holly's acquaintences lived in the second apartment where Holly hid, above that first apartment. Those residences were in the 4100 block of Orchard Dale Drive NW, Canton.

Police talked with the resident in the second apartment, got consent to search the place and found Holly hiding under a bed. He was arrested without incident, and no injuries were reported.

A Stark County Sheriff's deputy also helped with the search because the suspect fled into Plain Township jurisdiction.

Wilder said the department hopes nothing similar to this happens again.

"It’s a lesson learned and we’ve taken our own corrective action to not repeat that again," he said. "Nobody got hurt, thank goodness, and the young man we were after got caught.”


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