Amy Shover Promoted to North Canton EMS Captain

Shover has been with the North Canton Fire Department & EMS since April 1995

Amy Shover is moving on up — from her position as a paramedic with the to the position of EMS captain.

Shover was in the spotlight Tuesday night as Mayor David Held led her swearing-in ceremony before the city council meeting inside . 

Fire Chief John Bacon and other department personnel filled the room in support of Shover's promotion.

Shover had started as a part-time basic EMT in April 1995, received her paramedic certification in 1998 and became full time in January 2003.

She volunteered and received SWAT medic training in 2004 and has served as a member of the 's special response team. She's been shift officer-in-charge since Februrary 2012.

With Shover's promotion comes more responsibility. She'll now oversee day-to-day department operations during her shift and perform different leadership functions for the department.

Shover lives in the North Canton area with her husband Bill and their two sons, Trent, 5, and Ty, 2.

Kevin St.Clair September 06, 2012 at 08:25 PM
Congratulations im so proud of you love you sis


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