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We're trying something a little different on Fridays here at North Canton Patch. Unwind and get ready for the weekend with our Patch Happy Hour update

Are you ready to let loose? We are.

That's why every Friday we plan to bring you the Patch Happy Hour update to help you de-stress. Banter with other viewers, get something off your chest — that's what this update is all about.

We'll pose three questions (some that have to do with North Canton, some that don't). And we'll ask you to answer whichever ones you want. And yes, you overachievers out there can answer all of them. Don't feel like answering? No problem. Instead, respond to others' answers and join in the discussion that way.


1. Kent Patch wrote this week about . For North Canton, that would mean places like the , the and . Kent bar owners weighed in on the subject; won't you? When the bill allowing concealed carry in bars makes its way to Gov. John Kasich, should he sign it?

2. Victor Haut of Canton wouldn't mind being called Johnny — yep, like the pirate and actor Johnny Depp. Kelly Stein, from North Canton, could see herself as a Veronica. And if North Canton resident Jodi Andrews had a say in it, she'd have been named Katrina. Unlike all these people, you didn't make it into our Viewfinder slideshow Thursday, so use this update to tell us what  you'd change your name to if you could.

3. The softball team defeated Perry Wednesday night, making them district champions. That's a game they likely won't forget. Tell us, what's the most memorable thing you've seen at a sporting event?

Steven Bushong May 27, 2011 at 08:21 PM
One: Kasich thinks the marriage of guns and alcohol will increase safety for everyone. Apparently, he hasn't learned from his own party's mistakes. When Dick Cheney shot a campaign contributor in the face a few years ago, George Bush was quoted later as saying, “One shot too many.” And he wasn't talking about buckshots. OK, that was total fiction, but this report (found on Google within three seconds) is not: “The [University of Pennsylvania Study] examined 677 shootings in Philadelphia from 2003 to 2006. It found that light drinkers were not at an increased risk of being shot in an assault when compared to non-drinkers. Heavy drinkers, however, were 2.67 times as likely to be shot.” I'd bet the Second Amendment that there are a plethora of other studies supporting my (correct) view, but this is just too obvious for me to waste any more time on. I do, however, feel bad for the police who will have to respond to hostile situations at a bars, where there are bound to be drunk people carrying loaded guns. I know a provision of the law is that you can't carry a gun and drink at the same time – but, c'mon, you really believe people will pay attention to that? Two: I happen to like my name enough to be unsatisfied with any imagined changes, except for Maurice Edward Daggerbomb, which I think people would pay me just to say.
Steven Bushong May 27, 2011 at 08:21 PM
Three: Many years ago, shortly after the release of Armageddon, I was at a high school football game. I was very bored by the juveniles on the field smacking into one other, so I began to stare up into the sky. After several minutes of seeing nothing, thanks to the stadium's light pollution, I made out a red-orange glow. It increased in size and, seemingly, speed as it appeared to get closer to Earth. Concerned about our continued existence, I turned my eyes to my best friend, and asked him to look up -- there was something, maybe a great ball of fire, coming toward us! He did, but not before the mysterious object had disappeared. For a long time “The Sighting,” as I called it, disturbed me. But then, recently, it all made sense. It was the aliens, and they were dropping off Lady Gaga.
Ken Palosi May 27, 2011 at 09:33 PM
I think I would change my name to Vlad or maybe Rocco. Kenneth is such a nerdy name and people are prone to catagorize me as a nerd, but inside I am Vlad, the scourge of Hungary.
JillinJackson May 28, 2011 at 02:10 PM
I'm not clear as to why anyone thinks that carrying a concealed weapon into a bar/restaurant/sports venue is a good idea. Yes, the gun carrier is not allowed to consume alcohol, but is the bar owner supposed to pat down everyone who orders a drink? What about at the stadium or ballpark? On the bright side, owners of the above mentioned establishments will still have the right to put up a sign that doesn't allow guns in their establishment.
Alan Frank May 31, 2011 at 12:20 PM
So let me get this straight... You can take your hidden gun to the bar, but you can't drink. That sounds like a great time. Sitting at the bar, watching everyone else drink, just waiting for someone to say, "Hey, I see that your drinking water, you must have a gun?" At which point you can proudly display your firearm to everyone at the bar and say,"I can't believe you idiots are all drinking when you could be sitting here with a gun." You could pretty much say anything you want. Afterall, you have a loaded weapon tucked in the back of your pants. Looks like Friday nights just got awesome again. As far as names go, I definitely have to go along with Victor and Rob and choose a pirate name. Captain "Cannonball" Lars McGee. And for sporting events, I got to sit behind the plate at Jacob's Field in 1995 and watch Albert Belle whisper swear words lovingly to his bat just before cranking one over the left field wall.


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