Moms Talk: Should Some Restaurants Ban Children?

One Pennsylvania diner has banned kids under the age of 6 from eating there. Is this a good call?

We're tipping our hat to Twinsburg Patch this week for extending its Moms Talk discussion to us. Read on and make sure to tell us what you think.

Let's be real here: If you go to a Chuck E. Cheese, you're going to have hundreds of screaming children. But what about that cozy little diner down the street?

One Pennsylvania restaurant recently banned children under the age of 6 from eating there, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The man told the Journal he has gotten a lot of support from people on the decision.

"I'm doing this on behalf of all the kind, refined people who have emailed me who have had meals ruined," said Mr. Vuick, a former high-school sociology and psychology teacher. "I've decided someone in our society had to dig their heels in on this issue."

So now we bring the discussion to you. What do you think about banning children from dining at certain restaurants?

Is this a good call for his particular business, or should more places take a good look at considering something similar?

Or do you find this to be in terrible taste and something to be outraged by?

Ken Palosi July 27, 2011 at 12:34 PM
I think the restaurant that banned children under the age of six from eating there is overreacting. If parents just use a little common sense they won't be taking little children to certain restaurants anyhow. Not too many parents or grandparents that I know would waste money taking little children to upscale restaurants that don't necessarily cater to little children. If a restaurant doesn't have a children's menu I pretty much cross it off my list. The restaurant owner in the article is quoted as saying that "the kind, refined people" who frequent his restaurant have supported him in his decision sounds just a little uppety to me. I think that "kind" and caring parents of little children should just ignore this jerk and find other restauants to take their little children to. Oh, and I hope all those little children grow up to be restaurant patrons who remember his slight in the past.
Joe Rozsa July 27, 2011 at 01:13 PM
I for one applaud the restaurant owner. Whether the restaurant is upscale or not, there is nothing more frustrating than wanting a nice dinner out and having to deal with unruly kids and or ignorant parents who sit and obliviously enjoy their dinner while their little ones terrorize the other patrons. Our children never misbehaved when we went out to eat and I'm both proud and thankful for it. We taught them it was something special to go out to eat requiring the proper behavior. We were complimented many times on how well our girls behaved. Just an FYI, the "scale" of a restaurant has nothing to do with whether or not you'll run into unruly kids. Kids are kids no matter where you go. The key thing here is parents need to be parents and teach their children how to properly act in public. Plain and simple.
Ron July 27, 2011 at 01:19 PM
Is it the children who should be banned from some restaurants, or is it their parents? Personally I have no problem with kids in any restaurants, I object to the permissive parent/s that uses their kids as some kind of gesture to strike out at the establishment. I expect more obedience from my pet dogs then some of the parents who encourage bad behavior from these pre-delinquents. I can’t bring my pets in a restaurant, and it’s a good thing too. My kids (pets) would express their annoyance at any conduct which they couldn’t get away with. Young people should be welcomed in most public areas, as it is necessary to demonstrate appropriate behavior and expectations to our children. The problem really seems to be with the parents who themselves have never been expected to realize anything beyond their sandbox experience.
L.K. July 27, 2011 at 01:26 PM
I see banning children under six years of age as a good idea. These children are disruptive because parents allow it. If parents took proper care of their small children the disruption would not happen. When my son was small and we went to a restaurant and he was in any way disruptive, we immediately removed him from the restaurant even if that meant we did not enjoy our meal. The others in the restaurant had a right to enjoy their meal and not be disturbed by my child. The reason an owner needs to make this rule is because parents do not remove the child and they allow their "precious child" to disrupt others. Not all, but many parents today seem to feel that it is okay for their child to disturb others. It seems as if they feel we should put up with their child's poor behavior and their poor parenting. There was an instance when my husband and I were in a very nice restaurant and parents were allowing their child to freely roam the restaurant and be very loud while he roamed. The child walked up to our table and grabbed a handful of food right off of my husbands plate. Of course the owner was upset and replaced the meal but the parents thought it was amusing. I am glad they were entertained because we were not. It did not add any enjoyment to our meal. The parents and the child should have been thrown out of the restaurant and told they were not welcome back. Maybe not for what the child did but because of their reaction to his action.
Emily Chesnic July 27, 2011 at 01:49 PM
We have three children under the age of 3. I agree that parents need to use common sense. Unfortunately, however, some parents are ignorant and don't care about disrupting those around them. There is NO way we would take all of our youngsters to an upscale establishment but others do and don't make their children behave. I honestly don't see anything wrong with a restaurant having such a rule. It does not offend me in anyway. In fact, when I go out with my husband on a date, I would actually choose to go to this restaurant because I know that I won't have to listen to screaming kids... I get that enough at home! LOL! I love children, obviously, but there are restaurants appropriate for them and others that are not. My kids love to go out to eat and do behave fairly well, but we choose kid-friendly places. There are "family time" restaurants and "adult time" restaurants. Since some parents select not to recognize this and cause a problem, I think this establishment owner can do what he wishes. On a side not, though, he did come across as a bit cold. Not all children act up, no matter the restaurant.
Rick Petty July 27, 2011 at 02:21 PM
I cant tell you how many meals I have had ruined by screaming, rude and disruptive kids. In an Italian restaurant I actually witnessed a child licking the lid of the parmagian cheese without recourse by the parents. When I was a kid and we went out to eat, I knew better than to misbehave when we ate out
Kristina Bunnell July 27, 2011 at 02:26 PM
I agree with the restaurant owner. Kids that young are still learning the rules, and if my husband and I are out for an evening without the kids-I don't want to put up with someone else's. Even in restaurants that are family friendly though-I think there should be the expectation that unruly kids will be disciplined. I have had to leave a meal early more than once when our kids were crying or having trouble sitting still. It sucks, but it's being a responsible parent.
Chellsea Mastroine July 27, 2011 at 02:34 PM
I have two children and although we do our best to ensure that they are on their best behavior when we go out to eat as a family, there have been times when we were put into the position to have to take our food "to go" in a pinch. When I initially read this story I was surprised by the reaction from parents who felt that their only option was Chuck E Cheese. There are plenty of kid-friendly eating establishments out there, but when it comes to up-scale dining, and I'm out sans kids, listening to the result of others' bad parenting is enough to ruin a meal. It is a private business and there are no laws against this practice. With that being said, the restaurant in question is near my parent's house and they recently ate there (thanks to the great PR they are getting) and said their meal just average. So if you are going to make a big deal about being an up-scale dining experience, your food should match your attitude.
Rojas July 27, 2011 at 04:13 PM
I think maybe some parents should be banned for not controling a situation but not children in general. If you talk about inapropriate behavior lets look at some mature adults like the 2 I recently saw at Disney World driving around in their adult scooters and smoking in a theme park clearly designed for younger better behaved clientel than these adults were. People stop saying do as I say not as I do.
LoRee DeVine July 27, 2011 at 04:52 PM
Hip Hip Huraay for Joe. I too taught my daughter at a tender young age that people go to restaurants to eat in peace and quiet, in the comfort of air conditioning, with the reward of someone waiting on them instead of them waiting on everyone at home and eating a cold meal themselves. My favorite saying was "I'm not paying my good money to listen to someone else's child while I eat". My daughter is now 34 --- and her attitude mirrors mine. If you can't control your children in your home at your own dinner table, what the heck drugs are you on that makes you think they are going to behave properly in a restaurant???
Ginny Herman July 27, 2011 at 06:48 PM
I see both sides of the argument, but I think maybe it should be the parents who are banned. Some parents think it's the children's right to do whatever they want, anywhere, be it a restaurant, store, church, etc. Parents have forgotten how to say "No" and how to leave when a child misbehaves. Now that our children are grown we do like to go to a quiet restaurant and enjoy our meal. Sometimes it's smart to go to a restaurant at a time when little ones should be home in bed.
Sonja Mitchell July 28, 2011 at 02:43 PM
Oh my God, someone finally said it. No kids allowed, music to my ears. Just stayed at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica, and to my delight it was an adults only resort. The pool was oh so quiet and inviting. The beach always clean. The restaurants were always fairly quiet, I have to admit though, some adults are rude as hell. Kid noise is different though. If you don't have them, it's like scratching a chalk board, it goes straight to the third nerve. Hey, embracing homosexuality was bound to breed a society that would be intolerant to the traditional family. This in my opinion is part of the fall out of our decision to embrace an alternative lifestyle. Get ready this is just the beginning ladies. This fall out I happen to be in favor of. People with and without kids deserve to be catered to.


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