Farewell, Meegan & 'Mood Food' Fridays

Our weekly "Mood Food" column has come to an end, but don't worry — foodie Meegan Massello will still treat us to an occasional blog on North Canton Patch

The that has not only entertained us, but inspired us to put some creative and delicious dishes on our dinner tables, has come to an end.

Today marks the last day of 's cooking column.

If we didn't love Meegan and her delicious recipe columns that are wrapped up in wit, we'd let "Mood Food" fade into oblivion. But we won't do that. And Meegan isn't the kind of lady who fades into oblivion. If you've been following her columns, that's pretty apparent, right?

Since September, we've been , , for a night on the town, and concocting .

I hope that our viewers have enjoyed the recipes and humor in Meegan's columns as much as I have.

So, on behalf of Patch, I'd like to give a huge thanks to Meegan for spicing up North Canton Patch (get it?).


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