Education and a Strong Work Ethic Has no Color

Education and a strong work ethic has no color When will affirmative action go away? Like the unions, it served its purpose, but with millions looking for jobs, don’t we want the most qualified?

Education and a strong work ethic has no color

When will affirmative action go away? Like the unions, it served its purpose, but with millions looking for jobs, don’t we want the most qualified?

It’s time the color of one’s skin and quotas gets tossed. Need a doctor? Plumber? Police officer? Qualifications and experience should be the only focus.

Yet, politicians, celebrities, and “the others” stoke the fires. The focus on skin color is a distraction. Teaching the value of work, doing the right thing and getting the best education needs to be the focus.

Parents need to get mad if their child isn’t getting a good education. Stupid shouldn’t get a person hired, nor should quotas or the color of one’s skin. If someone is willing to work hard to be the best at what he or she is capable, hire that person. No one is entitled, but everyone needs to graduate high school and work.

Parents continue, or begin, to teach children a solid work ethic; have them make their beds, wash dishes, rake leaves, or get a part time job. Serve as a role model, and make sure your child is getting a solid education. An education or a lack of one is the biggest discrimination factor. Those who cannot communicate, think, respect work-- all will lose when affirmative action ends. Victimization, entitlements and excuses wear thin on those who pay for lazy and stupid.

Rather than focus on skin color, focus on education. The choice to learn, work, and improve on one’s life, goes beyond the color of one’s skin.

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Rhonda Lee Starr February 18, 2013 at 02:36 PM
"Its interesting how many MEN are posting on here to say that the WOMAN doesnt know what she is talking about." It's not men who are posting about a woman. It's people with IQs over 60 posting about someone who needs to take off her shoes to count to 11.
Oh the stupidity February 20, 2013 at 03:06 PM
James Thomas February 20, 2013 at 03:37 PM
It's Patch. If you have a pulse, you thereby qualify to be a "Local Voice."
Oh the stupidity February 20, 2013 at 08:49 PM
The comedy of Kathleen Wilhelm pieces is truly just...gorgeous. I don't think I have ever read a collection of such neolithic stupidity, quite like these articles. Since Gawker picked up "animals can't talk" I almost feel sorry for her, because she just unknowingly immortalized herself in the annuls of American history as one of the the single dumbest writers to have ever graced the internet with her cretinous literary diarrhea. BUT - since her writings are so clearly motivated more, by her hatred, than by her outright stupidity...I feel no remorse. Kathleen Wilhelm, you deserve every bit of the "infame" you're about to get dropped upon you. Congratulations! Most people need to leak a sex tape, to become infamous. All you had to do, was be an idiot filled with hate who wrote a few retarded blogs. Hats off!
James Thomas February 20, 2013 at 10:00 PM
I saw that and they put it under the label of "Crazy People". How does it feel Kathleen O'Brien-Typical-Teabagger Nutjob that even Gawker thought your ramblings were that of a crazy person. You should see the comments by readers on that site. Congratulations, you clueless right-wing hag -- you've made yourself a national joke. But, I love you Kathleen, because I'm an ignorant right-winger like you are. And Patch -- congrats on continuing to prove why you're a big failure. Whomever allowed that to go through must be proud. Just a professional note: if you really think you stand a chance on working for a REAL publication, you don't want to ever admit you worked for Patch.


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