Around the Patch: Josh Cribbs to Fight Parking Ticket in Cleveland Heights, 'Jackass' Updates & More

Read Cleveland Heights' story about Cleveland Browns player Josh Cribbs and tell us in the comments whether he should keep fighting his ticket or go on and pay it already

1. Twinsburg Patch

We found a bunch of great police officers in this video of the Ohio Law Enforcement Torch Run on Twinsburg Patch. Twinsburg Police Capt. Jim Savage had an especially great quote from :

"Most of the time we're in dark blue or black uniforms, we're out enforcing traffic and trying to catch bad guys. But in this particular instance, we're able to go out, put our running shorts on, put our running shoes on and be out there in the public's eye and be doing good for people who really deserve it."

2. Kent Patch

By now you've probably heard about the death of Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of the over-the-top antics show Jackass. One blogger for Kent Patch talked with some folks who remember Dunn coming into the Zephyr, one of the more-trafficked Kent bars. Read their memories of Dunn in .

3. Beachwood Patch

Speaking of Jackass, our associate local editor, Megan Rozsa, was on the set of a movie in Beachwood that might be starring Johnny Knoxville. Check out on Beachwood Patch to see what she found out.

4. Cleveland Heights Patch

Cleveland Browns football player Josh Cribbs is taking a stand against a parking ticket and plans to fight it in Cleveland Heights, according to Cleveland Heights Patch. You're probably thinking "why not just pay the bill?" Well, so were we. to find out why.


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