Q&A: 2nd Hand Treasures' Manager Shares Why Consignment Shop's Found Success in Stark County

April Miller Hagler, manager of 2nd Hand Treasures, dishes about the consignment shop's array of items (they sell everything from "sofas to silverware, refrigerators to costume jewelry").

There aren't a lot of places that'll sell you a refrigerator along with costume jewelry or a pinball machine.

But 2nd Hand Treasures, a consignment shop full of unique finds, sure will.

The shop — located at 4701 Eagle Circle, North Canton — is owned by Rick Rorick and managed by April Miller Hagler. Below, Miller Hagler dishes about the consignment shop's array of items and why it's finding success in Stark County.

North Canton Patch: How would you describe 2nd Hand Treasures to someone who's never been in?

April Miller Hagler: You're in for a nice surprise! We boast 7,000 square feet and growing. It's an upscale consignment shop, and it smells good when you walk in.

North Canton Patch: How did you find yourself running a consignment shop? What were you doing before this?

Miller Hagler: I worked for 27 years in management at O'Neil's, May Co., Kaufmanns and Macy's. I was downsized in 2007 and unemployed for three years. I started here two days a week. I fell in love with the business, and here I am!

North Canton Patch: What makes 2nd Hand Treasures different from other consignment shops in Stark County or Northeast Ohio?

Miller Hagler: As far as I know, we're one of the largest and we specialize in furniture and home decor but take a little bit of everything. People who are downsizing or taking care of a parent's estate love us because we take everything from sofas to silverware, refrigerators to costume jewelry.

North Canton Patch: In your opinion, what's the coolest (or maybe the most unique) item to come through your shop?

Miller Hagler: There have been so many! Well, the antique cash register was cool, there was an awesome distressed white round pedestal table, a drum set, pinball machine, refurbished fire chief gas pump ...

North Canton Patch: You probably hear some really great stories from people about their items. Is there one story that sticks with you?

Miller Hagler: I really can't recall any at the moment, but I would share that people need to make sure their items are cleaned out before bringing them in to consign. Let's suffice it to say we've found some pretty, well, uh ... interesting things in some dresser drawers.

North Canton Patch: Anything else you'd like to add?

Miller Hagler: We strive to create a pleasant shopping atmosphere and serve coffee and cookies every day. We welcome bus tours or any kind of group outing. We can be a little tricky to find but most locals will know "the back way" to Home Depot off Sunset Strip, we are actually behind V Rock Shop, in Roricks Plaza. Rick Rorick is the owner of 2nd Hand Treasures and Roricks Drywall & Restoration.

2nd Hand Treasures has an online showroom on its website. You can also follow the consignment shop on Facebook.


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