New Consignment Shop Offers a Great Shopping Experience

The Rabbit’s Cottage, a newly opened home décor and select consignment shop in North Canton, provides more than quality items and great prices, it offers a return to the unique shopping experience

A newly opened consignment shop offering unique gifts, home furnishings and items from local artisans also offers shoppers a return to those days when shopping was an enjoyable, relaxing pastime.

The era of shopping at those generic big-box department stores may be waning a bit, whereas taking an afternoon to browse through quaint shops along any Main Street U.S.A. is poised to make a comeback.

One such shop, t on South Main Street in North Canton is helping the cause by offering a fun, relaxing and unique shopping experience along with three rooms packed full of quality products and comparable pricing. The theme is French Provincial, cottage style country, and French primitive and country.

The store is located inside a gray house sitting between a bank and an automotive repair business. It is easy to recognize because of  a giant black rabbit on the outside on each side of the building.

“I like to tell people that all they have to do is look for the building with the big rabbits on the outside,” said John Miller, who owns the store with his wife Karla Miller.

“Having the shop in this cute little house helps give people a good idea of how the items in the store will look in their own home,” Karla said. “I shop a lot in quaint little shops in other areas and I’m trying to bring that kind of shopping experience back to this area. We want to have a shop where people want to visit, hear some great music and not feel they have to rush to leave right away.”

Karla Miller feels like she has always had the decorating bug. She started working with the window displays in the Stern & Mann department store that used to be open in Canton. She has worked at a number of garden and gift shops around the area and has learned quite a lot about decorating over time.

“I have always worked with talented people that know how to decorate. Plus, I love to shop myself and everyone should do what they love for a living. It’s not work when you love to do it,” Karla said.

The new store is a consignment shop that takes in items from local artisans, collectors and those who have gently used furniture and gift items they would like to sell. Items are taken in on 60 days consignment with a possible markdown if the item doesn’t sell within 30 days. The consignee takes home 40 percent of the final sale price. If the item doesn’t sell within the 60 days, the consignee can take the item back or donate it to a local charity.

The Millers will also take furniture on consignment. If the items are too big for the display floor, they will put a photo and a full description of the item in a catalog so that they can refer the items to customers.

“All of the items we take get cleaned or washed and ironed before we put them on the sales floor. We are meticulous about that,” Karla said.

There are items for sale for most any room of the house including a four-poster canopy bed. There is a complete wood bedroom set including a king-size bed with headboard, an armoire, dresser, nightstand and mirror that are all made in the U.S.A. and in like-new condition. 

For more information about leaving consignment items, call 330-494-0008.

Deborah Carroll-Berecek February 21, 2012 at 07:19 PM
I was hoping that there would be some updates as to what items you have in stock,and, what is on sale. I am a bit disappointed that I have wasted my time checking your website out.


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