Canton Rep: North Canton Mayor Wants Diebold Headquarters in the City

Mayor David Held told the paper he met with Diebold representatives and went over three possible locations for its new headquarters

North Canton Mayor jumped at the chance to promote North Canton as a new home for Diebold, hoping to increase the number of jobs within the city.

In fact, it was only one day after Diebold announced it would build its new headquarters in Summit or Stark counties before Held contacted the the global ATM manufacturer, according to a story in the Canton Repository.

“We would like to have the Diebold headquarters in North Canton,” Held told the Repository. “It would be a privilege to have a Fortune 500 company with 1,500 jobs coming into the community. That would (help) make up for the 2,400 jobs we lost with the Hoover facility.”

Held and City Administrator Michael Grimes met Monday with executives on the Diebold site selection team and two developers in their Green company offices and discussed three sites. Those are the 105-acre , the 60-acre city-owned Oster Property in Plain Township where the city has its water wells and the 80-acre Hoover district, the Rep reported.

A Diebold representative said it would take “several weeks” to come to a final decision about site location.

The paper also reported about the city of Canton wanting Diebold to relocate there.

Ken Palosi April 29, 2011 at 01:11 PM
I doubt very much of the residents around The Fairways would welcome the Diebold headquarters to their neighborhood. In addition many others would feel once again disappointed in the way the city has handled the Fairway property. Many North Canton voters are still bitter at the city's purchase of the former Arrowhead Country Club for an exorbitant price while not fulfilling their implied promise that the land would forever be used as green space for the use of all the residents of North Canton. Besides the property is really not suited for a corporate headquarters. The roads leading to the property would not be able to handle the additional traffic without major new road construction which would destroy the surrounding residential properties. Major sewer and water upgrades would also be needed. The Oster property is an out of the way piece of land that presents its own problems and would most likely require a joint venture by the cities of Canton and North Canton. But I am with the Mayor in that we must at least make an attempt to lure Diebold to North Canton and I wish him luck in this endeavor.


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