Mandel Can Handle It – Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate

Sherrod Brown must go down, since he represents a liberal progressivism out of step with Ohio voters. Vote for Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate!

Ohio is a bellwether state – as Ohio goes, so goes the Presidency – at least, that has been the case for the past fifty years.

And Ohio is going red, conservative, and center-right, just like the rest of the country.

In 2006, Independent Republican Mike DeWine could not run from his party, a losing brand which also lost control of Congress for the first time in twelve years. His replacement, Sherrod Brown, is an unapologetic progressive, a legislator whose values are out-of-step with the Midwest. Now facing his first reelection battle, Brown has embraced his stock with President Barack Obama, to his greater hurt.

Understandably, the state swung for Obama in 2008. Even top-ranking Republicans were commenting that if the GOP was a brand of dog food, stores would have been taking them off the shelf in large quantities. A party which strayed from its message of limited government and constitutional rule, conservative and liberal voters were seeking “hope and change.”

After four years, voters realize that President Obama has brought change all right, but in the wrong direction. Four years of high unemployment and anemic growth, health insurance mandates which are crippling the industry while driving up costs, and a fiscal policy that is eroding our currency while harming industries across the country must be stopped.

2010 was a sign of better things to come. Rob Portman won the Senate seat from resigning moderate George Voinovich, more a thorn in the side of his fellow Republicans than the opposition. House Rep John Kasich took the Governor’s mansion, signaling a further conservative resurgence.

Ohioans sent a loud message to Congress that year, with five Congressional seats flipping to the GOP column. Following the federal census and reapportionment, the Buckeye state has lost two seats, which forced one of the most outspoken liberals, two-time Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, out of office following a brutal primary. His defeat is the canary in the coal mine in Ohio for Obama and his progressive brand of liberal politics, the new brand of dog food that is going off the shelf and into the ash heap of history.

Senator Brown is soon to follow Kucinich. A brief review of his voting record should be enough to dissuade voters from giving Brown a second term. At the top of the list, Brown voted for ObamaCare, an overblown and underfunded insurance mandate, now a crippling tax per the Supreme Court, which has driven up the cost of premiums while decreasing the number of available policies. This law imposes overwhelming regulatory burdens on employers and insurance companies. Other deleterious effects of the law include the growing number of illegal immigrants who cannot be tracked down by the IRS to pay the mandate-fee-tax.  Hospitals are closing because of ObamaCare’s raid on Medicare, including three hospitals in Pennsylvania. ObamaCare also failed to deal with the lawsuit abuse that is crippling hospitals, preventing them from purchasing insurance to protect themselves.

Other notable failures on Brown’s legislative record include the following:

Appropriations, Tax Law Amendments, and Unemployment Benefit Amendments ("Stimulus Bill")

The most misapplied name of all – the “Stimulus” that did not stimulate!

Financial Asset Purchase Authority and Tax Law Amendments – i.e. TARP – Brown voted against free market and a ready recovery by authorizing hundreds of billions to bail out “too big to fail” financial firms, a bailout gone too far.

Earmark Moratorium – Even Missouri’s Claire McCaskill supported ending earmarks!

Offshore Drilling in Virginia – an easy move to bring more energy independence to country. He also voted against Keystone, putting his party ahead of his state and the best interests of the country.

DREAM Act – a poorly conceived bill which would do nothing to assist undocumented children, instead placing them in a more legally precarious position in this country

Stem Cell Research Hope Act of 2007 – immoral legislation which authorized researchers to break down embryos, conceived children in vitro, for research.

Brown, one of the most liberal members of the Senate, also supported subsidies for Amtrak, yet refused to support limits on spending. He also voted against closing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – two of the prime instigators in the sub-prime mortgage crisis which created the Great Recession.

 Brown’s challenger, Republican Josh Mandel has served as both state senator and treasurer. Mandel led the charge to divest Ohio funds from Iran, a flagrant civil rights violator with ties to international terrorism. As state treasurer, Mandel ensured that the Buckeye state never passed the buck regarding financial stability and pension protection. While other states saw their investment ratings go down, Ohio retained the highest rank. Protecting Ohio state workers, Mandel terminated contracts with two banks who were later indicting for overcharging clients.

Mandel wants to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a 10 Point Healthcare Plan. He wants to simplify the taxcode and stop the wasteful spending in Washington, something that Brown has failed to do. His keen attention to fiscal matters, protecting the future of taxpayer and the fiscal well-being of his state, both signal that Mandel can handle the Senate.

On November 6th, vote for Josh Mandel for US Senate.

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Arthur Christopher Schaper October 27, 2012 at 03:56 AM
"Obama is a failure" -- Thank you! Obama had four years, and he failed. Brown had six years, and he rubber-stamped the four years of failure with two more years. Brown's vote for ObamaCare is enough to send him packing. Brown is going down, and Obama is going down with him. Ohio for Romney and for Mandel!
Obama is a failure October 27, 2012 at 04:01 AM
Why did Brown vote for the OBAMA tax cuts in 2010 and now wants to raise taxes? What has changed? The economy is weak, there are no jobs and we have more debt. How does raising taxes create jobs? Brown is a classic flip flopper. One day it's ok like the tax cuts or raising the debt and the next, they are bad. We need honesty and people we can trust. He is not one of them.
Arthur Christopher Schaper October 27, 2012 at 03:11 PM
TARP was a bad idea -- one more example of Bush's mixed up "compassionated conservatism" "Suspend the principles of the free market in order to save it"- - -? Markets correct if you let them -- Too Big To Fail is Government's Fault, and the less government we have propping up and protecting failed industries, the better. Mandel for US Senate!
Obama is a failure October 28, 2012 at 01:04 AM
We don't need people who borrow from China on a credit care like Obama said was bad. We need a balanced budget and jobs. With our national debt rising every day and less and less jobs, why did Sherrod Brown support Obama's budget in 2010 to increase welfare spending by 60%? Where did he think this money was going to come from? Senator Brown, you have some explaining to do. • 2009 Mandatory spending: $1.89 trillion (+6.2%) o $644 billion – Social Security o $360 billion – Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending o $408 billion – Medicare o $224 billion – Medicaid o $260 billion – Interest on National Debt • 2010 Mandatory spending: $2.173 trillion (+14.9%) o $695 billion (+4.9%) – Social Security o $571 billion (+58.6%) – Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending o $453 billion (+6.6%) – Medicare o $290 billion (+12.0%) – Medicaid o $164 billion (+18.0%) – Interest on National Debt Obama’s and his Democrat Senator pals 2010 budget spent $283 Billion more in just 1 year. That’s a 15% increase……in 1 year!! Look at the increased spending in WELFARE……$211 BILLION!!!! 1 year!!!
Earl Elevant November 01, 2012 at 01:57 AM
It would be a whole lot easier to hear you if you weren't posting this from California. California for Romney and for Mandel! Ohio for Obama and Brown!!!


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