Whiz Kids: Maggie and Liam Ozar Make Mom Proud

We love when parents brag about their kids. This week's Whiz Kids get recognition for enjoying life and making their mom proud.

This week's Whiz Kids comes to us from Sarah Ozar, proud mom of Maggie and Liam Ozar.

  • Maggie Ozar, 5.
  • Maggie will start kindergarten this fall at

Since Maggie was born she has been a kind, considerate girl.

She's also a very thoughtful 5-year-old and has a wicked sense of humor, her mom said.

"We are very proud that she has recently learned to read, ride her bike and start to swim. Maggie is excited for kindergarten in the fall," Sarah said.

  • Liam Ozar, 3.
  • Liam will start preschool this fall at Portage Collaborative Montessori School.

Liam is playful, affectionate and an always ready-to-go 3-year-old. He is also creative and a good friend, Sarah said.

"We love his sense of adventure and are proud that he is such a good brother," Sarah said.

All kids have something unique about them. What's unique about your kid? Anybody can nominate a Whiz Kid and even a group of kids as well. Email Lisa Lynch-Frank at lynch821@gmail.com with the name, key to awesomeness, a quote on why you're proud and a photo. It's very simple and takes 10 minutes of your time but is a great way to tell our youth how awesome they are! 

*Editor's Note: Maggie Ozar was misidentified in the original version of this story.


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