Stark County Fair Kicks Off: Pic of the Day

We spotted this colorful sight at the Stark County Fair on opening day. But there's more where that came from. Check back with North Canton Patch for more fair pics this week!

Let's be honest here: There's tons to see at the Stark County Fair. Tons.

While out and about Tuesday, Patch contributor Rob Netro spotted several things of interest: ornery goats, larger-than-life horses (and the little girls on tippy-toes who were just dying to touch their noses!), older folks catching up with one another in the shade, senators, hummingbirds, you name it.

But this pic of Courtney Czarniak of FX Studio touching up a sign was Rob's favorite. Czarniak attended the fair with Lauren Toohey of Peacock Creations. The two will be at the fair through Sept. 3. The women specialize in elaborate face painting, hair flare and makeovers.

Check back with North Canton Patch later this week (we hear Rob's going to have a blog post with more photos).

In the meantime, did you snap any photos at the Stark County Fair? Why not share? Upload them to our Pics & Clips gallery and we could feature them on our homepage!


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