North Canton's Neighborhood Gallery Debuts Today

North Canton Patch is giving readers a chance to share photos and videos with the North Canton community in "Your Neighborhood Gallery," a new feature on our site.

Have a photo of an event you recently attended?

Did you take photos or video at a recent game at ? Did you attend a great community event recently and preserve the memories on your digital camera?

Well, North Canton Patch has the perfect place for you to share those photos and videos with your neighbors.

"" debuts today. The gallery provides a place for residents to easily upload photos of the community directly to North Canton Patch.

We want to know what you’ve seen in town and we want you to share your pictures with our readers and staff. While you can upload photos related to specific stories to many articles on this site, there was no existing place for you to upload photos that aren’t related to an existing story or blog post.

Rather than asking you all to sign up as a blogger in order to share a photo, we are asking you to upload photos to Your Neighborhood Gallery — a collection of photos from you and your neighbors about your neighborhood. Just use the button embedded in the gallery.

Your photo(s) can be anything from any time frame. Write as little or as much as you want about the photo, or nothing at all and let the picture be worth 1,000 words. We look forward to starting more specific galleries in the future. !


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