North Canton Makes 50 Safest Cities List

The SafeWise Report Announces the 50 Safest Cities in Ohio.

North Canton numbered 25 in the list of 50 safest cities compiled in the SafeWise Report this week. 

"This suburb of Canton is a quiet, family community and home to the private Walsh University, a member of the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference," the blog states.

"Its focus on primary education is reflected in its Excellent rating from the Ohio Department of Education.

"As testament to this focus, the city was recently awarded a multi-million dollar grant bestowed by the Governor John Kasich Straight A Fund. The North Canton School District performs at very high levels in every area of focus despite not always having the technology and facilities."

To compile this report, SafeWise used the most recent FBI crime data from 2011, population, and other ranking factors, such as unique safety initiatives and security programs implemented within the past few years. From the hundreds of cities in Ohio, we narrowed the list down to 50 and assigned rankings according to how the city met our criteria.

“When neighbors know each other, they look out for each other,” SafeWise security analyst John Roskelley said. “Ohio's safest cities are brimming with civically minded residents who clearly take pride in where they live."

See the full list here.


Amy G January 09, 2014 at 07:07 AM
I don't feel safe in North Canton. The children are disrespectful of your property. The gas station was robbed a few blocks away. I've been approached by a young man in the Acme parking lot for prostitution. I'm in my fifties I don't need young men asking me if I needed a date in the Acme parking lot. There is a pedophile living on the next street over. Got a post card telling me that he lived there.
george January 09, 2014 at 12:24 PM
First of all, it's nice to see the NCP actually feature a story about NC. Amy----good points. In daylight, was hassled by 2 men under the influence of either drugs or alcohol in the Middle school area. No longer take walks at night. If there are new subdivision planned, I'm not aware but the copious apartment houses/duplexes are testimony that home ownership has dropped ----part of the reason the permanent school levy, many can't afford. Chief Wilder is doing his best w/ a great staff but he can't control the criminal elements that commit crimes and/or come through town. In the last few years: murder committed w/ person being decapitated;several gas station robberies, rape/home invasion; arson on McKinley Street, robberies at the YMCA;car break ins, (even on sunday mornings). Read the police report, people.


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