Cool Jobs: Ashley Fockler Enjoys Dishing Out Health Food

Those in North Canton who've eaten at B.A.M. Healthy Cuisine know the food tastes really good and is really good for you. The other significant feature of B.A.M. is the co-owner, Ashley Fockler

B.A.M. co-owner and manager Ashley Fockler has a really cool job — creating healthy menu options for her customers. She also has a great smile and a good memory, easily remembering her patrons by name or by their usual order.

Fockler was born and raised in Canton and has co-owned  for the past six years with her significant other, Mike Roberts. Below are five reasons why she loves her job.

— Pat Faulhaber

  • Why did you start B.A.M.? Ashley was a personal trainer before starting the restaurant and could not get healthy food in the area. She decided to just go for it and open the restaurant. “I never realized I had such a passion for food until I opened B.A.M.,” Fockler said.
  • Favorite part of owning a small business: Fockler likes the challenges that owning a business presents. “Every day is different and you never know what is going to happen or what we will be talking about. The customers make it all worth it.”
  • Why is creating healthy food a cool job? “No. 1 is meeting people of all ages with different personalities and of course working with my employees. Plus, I get to play with food all day and experiment to create new items for the menu.”
  • Why is eating healthy important? “It makes you feel so good, both your mind and body.” Fockler said that working with fresh produce and fresh foods opens up the creative process and offers so many options for combining flavors.
  • What is the creative process for developing new menu items? Fockler creates all of the menu items herself and believes she has a good feel for what her customers like to eat. “I love to eat and love all types of foods. I really get inspired by seasonal foods. I don’t really like using a recipe so I take bits and pieces from things I read.”


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